Martina Stapf is a Vienna based visual artist and photographer working in the field of every day performances.

[artist statement] After studying fine arts at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and in addition to my own artistic work, I regularly work with performers, dancers and visual artists. For me, this form of photography – the examination of the body as a medium – has become the main motif in my own artworks as well as in reproducing the expression of others:  The body functions as a projection surface from inside and outside, dealing with all areas of social and physical relations when it becomes a product of them. We move in different patterns, identify ourselves through different actions, spaces and relationships, where a steady process of identification takes place.

I actively work with the structures that we encounter in everyday life, the movements of the human body in relation to our environment and interpersonal contacts. I am interested in the relationship between human, material and space. Which dynamics are visible, which reactions do we have to others and our surroundings?  Consciously and unconsciously, what moves us all the time?

The body becomes a surface that is processed in a performative act and captured through the technique of photographic fixation. In my photographs, it is particularly important to me to not only display the performance, but also to understand the emotions and motivations of the movement in order to continue them visually.

Martina Stapf | Foto © Franzi Kreis
Martina Stapf | photo © Franzi Kreis
born in Eisenstadt, lives and works in Vienna
Academy of Fine Arts, class of Video & Videoinstallation, Dorit Margreiter; Vienna
International Summer Academy of Fine Arts; Salzburg
Schule Friedl Kubelka, class for artistic photography, Anja Manfredi; Vienna
University of Vienna, art history; Vienna
fotoschule.at, digital photography class; Vienna
prizes | grants
Vonovia Award for Photography Germany, Shortlist
ArtStart_Studio, Atelier scholarship creative cluster, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
grant for fine arts, Land Burgenland
artist in residence Paliano/Italy, Burgenländische Landesregierung
merit scholarship, Academy of fine arts Vienna
youth culture prize, Land Burgenland

part of the artist collective fiVe together with Regina Anzenberger, Barbara Filips & Eva-Maria Raab and various guest artists like Gabriela Morawetz, et al.

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