Martina Stapf and Herr Leutner
solo exhibition @ HERR LEUTNER, 2015

Her own space and her own body become the central theme of this analogue photo series. Exhibited in a foreign room with foreign bodies. By exhibiting, an interaction between the private and the public takes place, intimacy comes to the outside, inside becomes visible, a reversal. Each space in itself lives only through its use by the human body and this stimulation is continued in the exhibition space. The interaction between the private and the public is discussed in the following ways: 1. contentual in photography, 2. subsequently with the act of issuing these photographs, 3. with the movement and action of individuals in the exhibition space, so there are three levels to discourse. An identification of the human in material, a playful approach and a love for the own interior should also be made visible. Furthermore, the role of the woman in the domestic, which is deeply embedded in its history, is thematised. But by seeing & not seeing parts of the female body, the attention to the parts not shown, is created by concealment, it comes to its re-eroticization or objectification. The visibility of the self-timer illustrates a self-determined but lonely action of the artist (as a woman).

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