Projekt Beschreibung

horror vacui & amor infinity, 2011

Horror vacui & amor infinity

The ornament: it is derived from the latin „ornare“or „ornamentum“ (decorate). In this work a fusion of femininity and ornament takes place. Ornament overrides the individual, making it a fraction of a figure. The forms lay like a net over the female body and so incorporate him. The ornament is full of contradictions. These forms are not only lovely, but also thorny, not only decorative, but also crushing, not only intertwined, but also compulsive, not only harmonious, but also menacing.
During the process of creating this work, I noticed how different feelings arise about those individual motifs. Bright colors combined with cheerfulness, dark patterns associated with fatigue, immobility or indifference. A split between beauty and bondage.

35 c-prints a 32x26cm