line of gaze

The first photos of the series „Line of gaze“ were taken in 2020, it is an ongoing project.

„Line of gaze” is all about changing perspectives. This series by Martina Stapf visualizes that playfully by interacting with different objects in an unusual way. Stapf puts her objects out of their context and stages them in a different setting, so that they lose their actual functions and act together with the human body, forming a whole new object with its own story and character. This series aims to create a new way of seeing things and to think about them differently – not only in front of the camera, but also in everyday life. ”Line of gaze” deals with familiar habits, with the things that became routine for us and breaks them up. Feelings like knowledge and reality meet here directly with lightness, irony and the desire for change. The series opens up new perspectives and gives them unpredictable space.

Pigment Prints | Size 60x40cm | Edition 5+2AP