Projekt Beschreibung


2020, The perceptual possibilities of reception are in the focus of this work. The absorption and processing of influences are visualized in the six photographs. Due to the current Covid-19 situation and the associated legal restrictions, the images were produced in isolation, only with the self-timer and the camera and yet also address an issue caused by socialization.

What is the relationship between reception and ones own ideas? It can be compared well with the relationship between frame and photography: the frame comprises and frames and embellishes on the one hand, but on the other hand has a strong influence on the content, it overwhelms and disturbes. So how perceivable how do those influences change me and my thinking and behavior? What part of it is from outside? We are in a dialogue with these influences, like two bodies that move slowly, sometimes more, sometimes less. Like a dance. Or a fight. The idea of visualizing feelings and structures of feelings is deconstructed in this series of photos. Like a visual reflection, this process which affects the entire physique, is captured by the camera. Different sensations are reproduced through different poses and movements in an intuitive performance. The subjectivity of the artist is still in the process, but without a precise definition it leaves enough space for the viewers to recognize their own ideas and patterns.

Taking photos is my act to bring things and thoughts closer together, the camera for me is both: a partner and a tool. The relationship between performance and photography and in this connection the self-portrait as a critical artistic practice enables me to work on themes observed by performances. The focus is on self staging. A performance only for the camera. As an artist, I function as the author of the picture but also as photografic model, and thats why I feel the double view of the viewer. Acting, photographing and performing illustrate my thoughts and enable a certain relationship with the viewer. In photography the body of women became passive objects through the male gaze. This series also questions the status of women, which is unfortunately still established to be a bad one in the cultural context. The use of red fabric on the one hand results in associations that are soft, sensitive and emotional, and on the other hand, the color red works as a signal- and warning color.

Pigment Prints | Size 70 x46cm | Edition 5+2AP