Projekt Beschreibung

when she danced

2019, A performer who moves for the photographer.

A performance developed for the camera.

Two analogies – seeing and being seen – in a wordless dialogue between movement and observation.

The base of this work is the intimate examination of the relationship between body and space as well as the observation of movements and physical forms of expression.

The impulses of the depicted performer are continued through photography, are deformed and open up a field of view that uses the body as a projection surface and allows individual identity constructions. How we present our own body and perceive another, and how we react to it in different rooms is closely connected to our own reality. Individual gestures and everyday performances are examined with these six photo objects by means of the body of the performer.

Building up on the two-dimensionality of classic photography, the performative becomes a plastic, almost abstract figure and is translated into space. The various movements are continued, shaped by hand and then fixed using a textile hardener. Restructuring is created by actively working with textiles as soft, intimate and malleable image carriers. On the one hand from the given smooth photographic structure to a sculptural object, on the other hand from the soft material to a solid body that breaks the usual processes of perception and tries to transform the viewer’s gaze.

Performer: Verena Schneider

C-Prints on cotton, Wood, Acrylic glass | Size 150x100cm, 6 unique artworks